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Current casting

Tread the Boards Theatre Company are happy to accept submissions from Actors for our upcoming Season.
The Company rehearse and perform in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire and are keen to hear from actors that have a base close to the venue.

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Current castings below:

Henry V by William Shakespeare
Show dates: 30th March - 23rd April 2017
  • Earl of Bedford - The brother to the king, he is honorable and loyal and one of Henry's closest advisors (Male 20-30)
  • Captain Gower - The captain who commands the archers. Good friends with Fluellen (Male 20-30)
  • Earl of Westmorland - Cousin to the king, he is a close advisor to the king (Male 25-35)
  • Captain Fluellen - The welsh captain. He is a strict disiplinarian and has indepth knowledge of the wars. (Male 25-40)
  • Lewis the Dauphin - The french prince. He is hot headed, arrogant and has no respect for the english and the king in particular. (Male 20-30)
  • Captain MacMorris - The irish captain of the mines. He is not on good terms with Captain Fluellen and gets into arguments with him. (Male 20-40)
  • Bardolph - One of Henry's old friends that he has excluded from his life. Bardolph is a thief but speaks highly of the king. Comedy role (Male 30-40)
  • Williams - A private soldier who tells the king who is in disguise that the king is wrong to go to war. (Male 25-35)
  • Duke of York - A brave warrior who at the battle of Agincourt leads the army (Male 25-35)
  • Nym - One of Henry's old friends that he has excluded from his life. A pick pocket and in competition with Pistol to marry Mistress Quickly (Male 20-30)
  • Duke of Orleans - A noble of the french court, he is arrogant and confidant of the Dauphin (Male 20-30)
  • Duke of Burgundy - The ambassador who brings the french and english together to sign the peace treaty. (Male 30-40)
  • Chorus - The narrator of the production (Female 20-40)
  • Montjoy the Herald - The french herald who meets the king on many occasions to ask for his ransom (Female 20-30)
  • Scroop - One of Henry's closest friends who betrays the king for the french cause (Female 20-30)
  • Mistress Quickly - The hostess of the Boar's Head Tavern and married to Pistol. She nurses the dying Falstaff (Female 25-40)
  • Alice - lady in waiting to Princess Katherine. She is fluent in french and has a basic understanding of English (Female 25-40)
  • Princess Katherine - The french princess betrothed to Henry V. She is a french speaker and knows very little english (Female 20-30)
  • Boy - Falstaff's boy who now follows Pistol, Nym and Bardolph (Female 18-20)
  • Constable of France - the lord high constable, a strong warrior who has contempt for the english but does not suffer the Dauphins arrogance (Female 25-40)
  • Grey - One of conspirators discovered by Henry. (Female 20-30)