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Romeo & Juliet with a French twist to celebrate Shakespeare's 400th anniversary.

Tread the Boards Theatre Company present William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet between 31st March – 24th April 2016, the only Shakespearean play which will be performed in Stratford upon Avon during the town’s celebrations of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and death 

This year, people all over the globe will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare. The award-winning Tread the Boards Theatre Company will be doing just the same by performing Shakespeare’s well-loved tale, Romeo and Juliet.  Each year Stratford upon Avon host a birthday parade amongst other events to rediscover and celebrate the works, life and legacy of the great William Shakespeare.  This year the parade falls on Saturday 23rd April 2016, of which Tread the Boards are the only theatre in town to be showing a Shakespearean play!

Romeo & Juliet runs from 31st March to the 24th April, of which the penultimate performances will be shown on the evening of Saturday 23rd April 2016 at The Attic Theatre in Stratford upon Avon.

There is possibly no better way to celebrate the life of the great poet and playwright other than being in Stratford, the birthplace of Shakespeare, on the 23rd April to not only enjoy the towns birthday parade but to also indulge in one of Shakespeare’s most well-loved plays, Romeo and Juliet.

Tread the Boards spoke to James Tanton, the shows Director, to uncover more about the French Revolution setting applied to this well know tale.

James Tanton, Director, comments "Two households, both alike in dignity. Two households yes, but on second glance, maybe not quite.

On one side stands the growingly anxious French aristocracy, in this case, the house of Capulet. Decadent and self-important, they revolve their lives around the search for a suitable marriage for their daughter Juliet. Opposed to this, the increasingly disillusioned middle classes, as represented by the house of Montague, begin making the moves that will cause one of the biggest political shifts in European history. In my opinion, the chaos and intrigue that surround this period create the perfect backdrop for the war torn world of Shakepeare's greatest love story.

Through this we witness, on one side, young Romeo, desperate to find love in an ever changing world, and on the other, the duty bound Juliet caught in the crossfire of her own fateful devotion to her true love, and the duty expected of a French aristocratic lady. Growing up Romeo and Juliet was the play forced down my throat by every English and Drama teacher throughout every year of my secondary education, because of this I developed what can only be described as a deep loathing for this play. However, this experience has opened my eyes and has completely changed my views of this superb piece of writing. With love, betrayal, anger, laughter, unimaginable joy and inescapable sorrow this play genuinely takes an audience through every emotion imaginable, and makes me wonder why I didn't see it earlier!”

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