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Tread the Boards

Arts Organisation of the Year 2014 & 2016. 
Best Children's Show 2015
Primary Times Childrens Choice Award Finalist 2015


King Lear - Directed by John-Robert Partridge, starring Philip Leach

March - April 2019

A dramatic and heart wrenching Shakespearian tragedy watching an imposing king crumble as his vile daughters cause heartbreak and civil war.

Much Ado About Nothing - Directed by Matilda Bott & Robert Moore, starring John-Robert Partridge and Alexandra Whitworth

March - April 2019

Romance, comedy, tension and intrigue see one of Shakespeare's most memorable couples Beatrice and Benedick come together and fall apart over the union and sabotage of Hero and Claudio's relationship. A summer-time picnic with a bit of funk and soul will bring this funny and witty portrayal to you.

Up 'N' Under - By John Godber, directed by Andrew Woolley

May 2019

A laugh a minute modern comedy satire by the writer of Black Adder, as the name suggests you will find the Rugby union side of no-hopers rise to the challenge of facing local rivals and best in the league with the help of an incredible trainer and a lot of get up and go. Will they be giant killers or simply get killed out there?

The Wind in the Willows & Return to the Willows - Based on the stories by Kenneth William, written by Mike Totten

May - June 2019

Two hour long shows presented for our family audiences and combined entry over one sitting.

The Wind in the Willows - Meet Toad, Moley, Ratty and Badger for the traditional chase along the river bank as Toads wiley ways land him in prison and the mischievous weasels wildness lead to a show down at Toad Hall where his friends will need to help save him.

Return to the Willows - Moley finds love at first sight exists and Miss Rabbit is the lucky lady but all may not be as it first appears in this tale of character, love and friendship set once again on the Riverbank.

Charley's Aunt - By Dylan Thomas

July 2019

Charley is in love with a rich heiress but to convince her father of their union he must prove his families worth but his family are not quite up to the job - his 'Aunt'  or rather his best friend in disguise, then comes to stay and aim to unit the sweethearts, falling in love with his own darling at the same time; a recipe for hilarity in this dainty and bright comedy of manners.

Treasure Island - Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, adapted and directed by John-Robert Partridge

August 2019

Our family summer show brings the seashore to your toes as the swashbuckling begins for Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver. Bring your buccaneers, mermaids, pirates and shipmates young and old to a wonderland of adventure with this new adaptation of the family classic.

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